Medelinked for Health Providers

Reliably delivering cost-efficient healthcare services whilst improving customer health.

How Medelinked Works For Health Providers

The Medelinked Health Platform can be used to launch new services or expand the level of service you offer to your customers as well as establishing control over care and costs.

The Medelinked Health Platform allows you to provide your customers with access to a secure integrated provider-branded patient support environment, featuring securely stored personal medical records and the ability to get immediate access to emergency medical assistance, advice and support services.

In the case of private care, using the Medelinked Health Platform, you can provide customers with access to cover details; get pre-authorisation for treatment and submit claims - wherever they are located in the World.

Integration of Salesforce CRM into the Medelinked Health Platform enables better management of claims and pre-authorisation treatment requests, increasing customer service levels and patient engagement.

Using the Medelinked Health Platform mobile app customers can find further details about health plans and policies and file pre-authorisation requests and claims directly into Salesforce CRM.

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