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What is Health SOS?

A secure service that stores your vital medical details online, for use by first responders and your critical care team in a health emergency when you can’t speak.

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Why do I need it?

For peace of mind when exercising, travelling or at work. Health SOS could save your life.
And it’s free

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How does it work?

Simply upload your emergency health details and we’ll send you a QR code to wear. Your first responder will use a smartphone to scan and unlock your record, so you are treated more quickly.

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Travel Safe 24/7 With The Health SOS Card

Your emergency health record stored and unlocked by your unique QR code, for peace of mind while travelling, keeping fit and working.

The card is linked to your dedicated secure online personal health record, putting you in control of your health information.

The card includes your 12 month subscription to the Medelinked Personal Health Record 2GB storage service.

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Health SOS

Privately and securely store your full medical history, constantly updated with live data streamed from your fitness trackers and following medical appointments, to create a complete picture of your health.

Trusted by NHS
Rated top iOS and Android health apps by Orcha

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Our Service

Perhaps you are tackling a strenuous exercise challenge, or have a hidden illness, or suffer allergies. There are so many reasons why a Health SOS account can give you peace of mind to live life to the full, without worry.

Simply upload the personal health information you are happy to share in case of emergency. We’ll securely store it and send you a QR code to stick into clothing, on a race number, on your phone holder or wallet. If you suffer a health crisis, your first responder can use their smartphone to quickly scan the QR code and immediately unlock your emergency health record. Your critical care team will be able to give you the right treatment, more quickly. It could save your life.

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About Us

We’ve been trusted to look after people’s health data since 2005. Medelinked is a leading global personal health record service. It enables everyone to manage their health information in a secure, private, online account. Our goal is to give people access to their health information, 24/7 and at the point of care.

Health SOS helps people in an emergency by sharing their vital medical details with first aiders and paramedics. Our founder, Ian Gallifant, had the idea for Health SOS when he was a soldier serving overseas on humanitarian operations, with his paper medical records stuffed inside his flak jacket. He wanted to improve everyone’s chances of survival in the event of a crisis. Today, Health SOS is doing just that.

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We take your privacy very seriously. You own your data, and you decide who to share it with. Not us.

Mobile Apps

Rapid access in an emergency

Unlock your health record in 10 seconds. Watch the short video to find out how!

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What's your #HealthSOS?

"Doing first marathon in May, going to be epic! Having Health SOS QR on race number gives me peace of mind as have history of heart issues."

"I'm allergic to nuts. Health SOS means if there’s a problem and I can’t speak, somebody on the scene will realise and help me."

"I can now go travelling alone, safe in the knowledge that if I have a wobble - I have a rare condition called myasthenia gravis - my first responder will know what is wrong with me."

"My 10 year old son has asthma. I’ve stuck his QR code everywhere, inside his shirts and rucksack, and I’ve given it to school too, so if I’m not there to help, someone else can."

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Medelinked also allows you to set up a full medical history, constantly updated after appointments with all your health professionals, and with data streamed live from your fitness tracker.