Medelinked for You and Me

Simply putting you in control of you and your family’s health.

How Medelinked Works For You And Me

Medelinked is a great way to look after the people you love because better outcomes result when we know our own state of health and can talk with confidence to the people that care for us.

We help you create permanent health profiles online, ensuring they are held in one secure space. Accessible at any time by smartphone, tablet, PC or Apple Mac, you can be sure they are always there and available to you and your healthcare partners the instant you need them.

We also enable you find, engage and build your own network of trusted relationships with doctors and healthcare professionals to be sure you and your family are always getting the best possible advice and treatment.

We ensure that you can communicate directly with your family and healthcare providers to make things happen. We even help you check you and your family’s symptoms and ensure you can talk instantly to a GP if you are worried about anything at all.

We also help you manage the information you and your family need to stay healthy by allowing you to search easily for the best connected tools and apps. Data from devices such as latest smartwatches, fitness trackers and blood pressure monitors can be uploaded straight into your profile safe and ready for sharing.

So, if you want to actively track and manage your health and fitness, are a parent concerned about your parent’s or children’s wellbeing or have to manage a chronic or acute medical condition Medelinked simply puts you in control of you and your family’s health.

  • Build your health profile online

  • Connect to existing and new health partners

  • Share and discuss your health matters with your trusted health partner network


Build Your Health Profile

Medelinked enables you to collate your health information from all the different health professionals you interact with(Doctor, Physio, Optician, Travel Clinic etc) in one secure place.

Get Started

Add your key personal details and list any medial conditions, medications, allergies and vaccinations, together with your next of kin details.

List Your Health Partners

Add contact details for all the important health professionals you interact with and Medelinked will automatically send out 'Health Partner Request' to enable you to connect with them.

Emergency Record

You can choose selected records within your Medelinked profile to create an emergency record (e.g. your allergies, medications etc). This potentially life saving information can then be accessed by emergency first responders when its needed most.

Upload Documents

Store your scans, x-rays and other important medial reports and test results in your Medelinked account for future reference.

Manage Wellness

The wellness facility enables you to connect your favourite health devices, such as the Fitbit Activity Tracker and the Withings Body Scale Analyser, streaming the data seamlessly into your Medelinked account. Set alerts, monitor and share progress with your support network.

The information that you build in to your Medelinked Health Profile is always available to you 24 hours a day 365 days a year at in your own secure online account.


Connect with your health providers

When you add the name and email address of each of the health professionals you interact with in step one, Medelinked automatically sends out ‘Health Partner Request’ to enable you to connect with them.

Once they have accepted this request, they will appear in your trusted Medelinked network.


Share data and chat to your health providers

Now you’re connected, having a conversation and sharing information with your health providers is easy and secure. You can receive health advice in real time and chat by secure email, voice, text, video and instant messaging. Private and secure Medelinked is the new way to discuss your health and wellbeing.

You are in control at the centre of your health network with all your health partners communicating and contributing to your health account.

Voice & Text


Email & IM

Get more from consultations with your Doctor

Patients can now fill out a simple survey about the current state of their health, select the health records they want to share and send the snapshot to their doctor from the comfort of their home.

The Snapshot will appear as a dashboard in your doctor’s Medelinked portal which they can view before your appointment.

This could save doctors a significant amount of time during the consultation which would normally be spent trying to understand the problem, as well as prevent unnecessary appointments that could be dealt with remotely.

Medelinked Mobile

The Medelinked Mobile App allows users to access and edit medical data, as well as contact Health Providers and save Emergency Records for quick, mobile access.

The App also offers iPhone users the opportunity to synchronise their medical data with Apple Healthkit

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Why do I need a Medelinked account?

  • Enables you to take control of your health by having all your health information available at the touch of a button, wherever you are in the world
  • Allows you to share and receive your health records instantly
  • Helps you to make informed lifestyle choices
  • Puts you in control of your health information that you can use
  • Ensures your health partners have the information they need to provide the best possible care for you
  • The emergency record feature could just save your life