Medelinked  is empowering people to manage their own health data with a single unified trusted health record account

The platform provides a fully supported health eco-system enabling partners to build their own custom applications and access customers and data with consent, on the global Microsoft powered platform

We take care of the eco-system infrastructure and network, to provide ready to deploy core component functionality, speeding up development times and making the most of your innovation spend

Simple subscription model and fully supported software development tools, makes Medelinked the perfect infrastructure choice

Single Health Platform supporting Innovation through Interoperability

Data Empowered Patients

  • Motivated for positive behavioural change

  • Data supporting the move towards

    consumer centric outcomes and prevention

    focused solutions

  • Reward and reporting at the centre of a

    frictionless digital health experience

Longitudinal Health Record

  • Single patient owned record, containing, clinical records, DICOM files, Genomic data, Health App and wearable data

  • Clinical HL7 CCD data from and to EHRs, external services as well as the ability to consume new HL7 FHIR resources from EHRs and upcoming government APIs

Supporting Doctors

  • Medelinked offers a dedicated doctor portal connecting to patients on a single network

  • Messaging, record sharing and posting, appointment booking and telemedicine

  • Integrated symptoms checkers and the latest NHS health information which can be linked to a patient profile

Data powered Lifestyle Guidance

  • Health change advice and suggestions based on engaging pathways.

  • Dynamic signposting linked to progress, to keep the user experience relevant and engaging

  • Directs patients to remote health assessments, clinical health management, health challenges, retail health partners

AI Health Assessment Services

  • Innovative health algorithms to determine metrics such HealthScores, heart ages and diabetes risk

  • Ability to create bespoke health assessments 

  • Capture longitudinal data to support decision making

  • Virtual currency for rewarding completing challenges and reaching milestones

Emergency Access

  • Records available globally 24/7 Accessed directly or remotely via standard browsers

  • Selected records including allergies, medications, Image files from within a patients Medelinked record unlocked in seconds by a personal QR Code

  • Basic ICE information through to full record access 

Medelinked provides a suite of integrated  customer health engagement

loyalty and cost containment tools and services

Contact : support@medelinked.com. Tel :  +44 (0) 203 582 3365