COVID-19 clear to work assessment

Getting back to work and safer travel

Clearpass supports employees to decide each day if they are clear to go to work or stay at home 

Complete the online COVID-19 Health questions

Get notified if it is safe for you to go back to work

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Supporting Team Members

As organisations are gearing up for employees to safety return to work, ClearPass powered by the Medelinked Health Passport, enables team members to determine by answering a series of questions if they are fit to return to work or should remain at home


It gives the confidence to co-workers and the business that employees have been screened and gives live data reporting on the status and capability of the workforce


Each day team members are reminded by email to log their wellbeing signs and social interactions, which then issues the 24 Hour ClearPass and provides human resources via the Medelinked employers portal with real time monitoring


The results are uploaded onto the employees QR activated Health Passport, providing crucial information which is always available 24/7 

Service Features

The ClearPass tools asks the employee a series of screening questions related to possible signs of, or exposure to COIVID-19 including evidence of fever, fatigue, dry cough, shortness of breath and loss of sense or taste, smell. It also captures social interactions in the last 24 hours and records historical body temperatures


Based on this feedback, the tool then makes a recommendation on whether  the employee is clear to return to the office or to travel

The data is communicated back to the business who can they visually see their workforce status and offer testing, treatment support should that be required

If COVID-19 testing is carried out the results can be uploaded directly to the employees Medelinked Personal Health Account which is included in the service

Portable Health Passport

The Medelinked Health Passport enables employees to work and travel with their essential medical available as a single file, activated by a dedicated QR code

Its is a feature of the Medelinked Personal Health Record, a user controlled Cloud health record account hosted on Microsoft Azure for storage of Medications, Vaccinations, Medical Conditions, X-rays and MRI files

It enables critical medical information to always be available where needed 24/7 across all platforms

The service can indicate an employees, COVID-19 testing status with supporting certification, travel declarations and the data such as temperature history generated by the ClearPass tool