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The Medelinked Business platform is our suite of interconnected products designed to support individuals and employers.

Using our secure portal, you can stay in touch and stay connected. Wellness checks, fitness trackers and real-time data help you target your support and manage a safe workplace for all.

A flexible e-health solution

for your business

Benefiting your business

For every business now, more so than ever, the health and mental welfare of individuals and teams is of critical importance.

The Medelinked platform provides the infrastructure and tools for every business to implement prevention strategies and to reduce risk whilst managing situations on a daily basis.



Supporting Wellness

Now using personal health metrics, our tools empower and motivate employees towards positive, long term behavioural change; creating an engaging digital health experience benefitting employees, teams and businesses and we come out of Covid-19.

Integrated smart HealthTools

Get NHS health advice, access symptom checker, find a Doctor, telemedicine and QR Code record share.

Health Records - Medications, Allergies
noun_Electronic Health

Full Medical Record Storage, from Fitbit Data, GP records through to advanced Genomic profiles.

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What’s your Score

Medelinked HealthScore
gives a visual daily snapshot
of your health progress. Connect to your Fitbit or Apple Watch to see how steps and other numbers influence your score.

Find great care
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Find a doctor and other services and add them to your network, including, specialist Dentist, Physio, screenings centres.

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Connect to
Health Tech

Connect to our partner Apps via the Medelinked Health App Exchange to bring all of your devices together with your clinical records. 

Latest linked Health News

Get the latest health advice and use tools linked to your data from the worlds leading trusted sources including the UK NHS.

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Share critical information

Share records with Telemedicine doctors with one time link and click to connect.

Family are covered

Create family accounts
and connect together to make managing everyone’s health super easy.

Safe to Travel

Covid-19 clear to work
WellCheck Assessment with travel declaration support for testing results, vaccination status and insurance cover.

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The Global Health Passport
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Emergency Health Record Passport, speaks if you can’t; 24/7 accessible by a dedicated QR Code.


Working and travelling safely

wellCheck supports team members to decide each day if it’s safe to go to work

The tool is designed to easily assess employee health status and notify you in real time of fitness to work.

The solution can be used for any work environment to measure a level of fitness to work , for infection limitation or simply to check in and stay connected as part of a wellbeing, supportive strategy.

Each day team members are reminded by email to log their wellbeing status which then issues the 24 Hour wellCheck and provides you with real time monitoring data (via the Medelinked employers portal).

The results are uploaded onto the employees QR activated Health Passport, providing crucial information which is always available 24/7.


Complete the online health questions

Get notified if it’s safe for you to go to work

Check in daily to receive your wellCheck Pass

Access your data 24/7 via your healthPassport


Full Medical Record Storage, from Fitbit Data, GP records through to advanced Genomic profiles.


How Does it Work?

Get a unique and highly visible Health Passport QR code card so that in an emergency doctors can scan the QR code to instantly unlock individual medical records. Be safer in an emergency with your essential contacts and health record QR code activated; accessible 24/7.

Having the right information in an emergency is vital, and it’s impossible to keep track of everyone’s allergies, health needs and medical history, all of the time.

The Emergency Health Record Passport (accessed 24/7 by QR code) provides personal health history and allergy information, giving medical professionals everything they need to support your employee in a medical crisis.

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Supporting and rewarding behavioural change


Mobile App health nudges and signposts

Motivation for change

Medelinked integrates devices and health Apps on a single platform that powers a single dynamic Health Score solution.

The democratisation of data from all connections provides a unique view that powers lifestyle and wellness tools to motivate and change behaviour.

Medelinked directly links to third parties through their HealthApp Exchange for fast product development and delivery.


We have a plan that suits your business

The service is fast and easy to deploy and can be purchased as a single user licence, or on a monthly subscription based on the number of employees or patients in the organisation.

The Medelinked Heath Cloud provides full, bespoke development support to provide one stop integrations with existing partners solutions.


1. Create employer accounts in the Employer wellCheck Hub, enable health and wellness solutions, create employee accounts and go live.

2. Employees download the Medelinked App, start managing their health with passport creation, connecting health trackers and Apps linked to their health support network.

3. Interact and support your employees as the health landscape changes with the latest prevention and management solutions.

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