Health Insurer Solutions

The Medelinked Health Platform can be used to launch new digital services or expand the level of service you offer to your customers as well as establishing control over care and costs

Delivering cost-efficient healthcare services whilst improving customer health

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The platform provides a fully supported health eco-system enabling our health insurance partners to build their own custom applications and access customers and data with consent, on the global Microsoft powered platform

We take care of the eco-system infrastructure and network, to provide ready to deploy core component functionality, speeding up development times and making the most of your innovation spend

Simple subscription model and fully supported software development tools, makes Medelinked the perfect infrastructure choice

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Medelinked provides a suite of integrated  customer health engagement loyalty and cost containment tools and services

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Medelinked offers the latest integrated health engaging technologies, to motivate and reward customers for positive lifestyle changes.

The solution provides invaluable live reporting data to enable customers to analyse consumer
health and behavioural patterns.

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Rewarding behavioural change

Data empowered customers, motivated for positive behavioural change is the next revolution in healthcare. We are moving towards consumer centric outcomes and prevention focused solutions, with reward at the centre of a frictionless digital health experience.

Medelinked is perfectly positioned to offer services that utilises the users real time data to generate both tradable reward points and health recommendations, to make a positive impact and generate loyalty.


The Platform integrates devices and health apps on a single platform that powers our HealthScore solution.

A dynamic indicator of a users wellness progress through integration of the very best innovations in the digital health space, all available through the Medelinked Health App Exchange.