One Account, One Platform to manage your wellbeing

Medelinked puts you in control of your families health, connecting you to your circle of care, with your health information, screening results, scans, device and app data together in a single personal health account.


Your information is always available for reference at the point of care, globally 24/7 for now and the future you.

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At the heart of Medelinked is our circle of care platform, enabling you to work with your health providers and share your health data to make sure you get the best care, for a healthier happy life.

Create your Family Accounts

Taking care of your families health is now easier with Medelinked. We connect you to your circle of care, to your data, which we put to work with the latest health tools.

From Symptom checkers, ask and find a doctor, to seeing your daily health score, we give aim to make wellcare easier and safer.

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Store all your Health Information

Create an account and upload medical notes, X-ray and MRI scans and screening results. Connect your Fitbit or Apple watch to get your tracker data working inside

your secure cloud account which you control.

Use our Microsoft Medbot to answer your health questions

Use our Medbot symptom checker to get health guidance and answer your health concerns. 

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Ask a doctor  question

Have an immediate health question, simply pen your question and a UK doctor will come straight back to you.

Reach out to your doctor online

Connect to your Telemedicine Provider, family, carers, healthcare professionals and share your health status and data before the appointment to get the best real time informed care and advice.

Find the best services and Connect 

Find and book specialists, when you need them and add them into your circle of care network, that works collectively towards supporting your health and wellbeing.

Build your Circle of Care

You are connected to your circle of care on the Medelinked platform, your doctors can also connect to each other to support you so you get the best evidenced based care.

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Stay well with our connected Tools

We take your live device data and run it through our Healthbox number cruncher. 

Know you Healthscore and see how small changes can make a difference.

Work with your network

Staying in touch with your health network is now easy, with the choice and convenience of messaging and video support.

Manage your medication 

All your essential medication information which is available to share with your pharmacy and doctors 24/7.

Add reminders into your diary.

Your safer in an emergency

Having the right information in an emergency is vital, and it’s impossible to keep track of everyone’s allergies, health needs and medical history, all of the time.

The Emergency Health Record Passport (accessed 24/7 by QR code) provides personal health history and allergy information, giving medical professionals everything they need to support your employee in a medical crisis.

Get a unique and highly visible Health Passport QR code card so that in an emergency doctors can scan the QR code to instantly unlock individual medical records. Be safer in an emergency with your essential contacts and health record QR code activated; accessible 24/7.

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The service is free for families
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