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Digital Health delivering confidence to bring people back together

As the COVID-19 outbreak has been sweeping the globe, there has been a significant increase in the use of digital tools to provide reliable information and remote healthcare services. We are now finally seeing a seismic shift towards Telemedicine and AI symptom checker adoption, in a market that has to date struggled to gather momentum. Could the way healthcare is delivered be finally catching up with Fintech, where the rewards for banking customers is frictionless ease of service, for the banks its cost reduction and customer loyalty.

In Healthcare, the driver for using digital services, over and above having a face to face doctor consultation, have never been that compelling, until the doctors effectively restricted service access with the start of the epidemic in March. Now remote care and patients using tools to get more engaged with their health and wellness is the norm. An interesting example of rocket powered change, is we are increasingly likely to see more patients dialling in initially to the Emergency Room, with their records and wellness numbers from their devices to share before physically attending.

The deployment of Personal Health record platforms, such as Medelinked, giving us all a single trusted HealthCloud account, provides the ability for our health data to be available at the point of care globally 24/7 online or in person. This is game changer when a telemedicine doctor you have just dialled into for voice or video consultation can see your records which you have just shared with a one time QR Code link from inside your Medelinked account. This is now available with Medelinked HealthShare

As we are all now looking to get back to work and at some point travel, the team at Medelinked, where our mission has been to give us all access to our Health Data, have been privileged to be able to support organisations globally with services provided on a single Microsoft powered platform, including:

The Medelinked wellCheck clear to work assessment, enables employees to check in and liaise with their employer on a daily basis. The tools asks the employee a series of screening questions related to possible signs of, or exposure to COVID-19 and social interactions in the last 24 hours together with historical body temperatures. The tool provides a recommendation on whether the employee is clear to return to the office or to travel. The data is communicated back to the business via the Medelinked Health Provider Portal, who can they visually see their workforce status and offer testing, treatment support including Telemedicine consultations on the platform should that be required.

As a part of the Medelinked Personal Health Record, our Health Passport which holds employees essential medical information and COVID-19 testing status has been used by organisations globally and we are investing in more services integrated with our Health Insurance partners, to provide employees with greater confidence that they will be supported if they require medical care.

Post COVID-19 employee care, with device connected remote monitoring with Healthcare providers is now available.

Moving forward it is great to see the adoption and popularity growing for some of leading digital health companies such as Babylon Health, Teladoc and Your.MD who have invested massively in their services to shape how healthcare will be delivered in the years to come. For our part at Medelinked we have been focusing on technologies and services giving patients their health information and to support organisations with data available at the point of care, which will enable us all to get back together safely.

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