How to Use Medelinked

Medelinked - How it works

Medelinked is an online health account service that empowers you to take control of your health. It enables you to build your health profile and then connect to and share your health and wellness information with your trusted health providers.

Who is in your health space?
With Medelinked you can get connected to all the participants in your health management. This is not only your doctor but also optician and travel clinic, so scans taken by your specialist can now be shared in real time with your physiotherapist allowing you to receive the best informed care.
Share information in real time and decide how you want to communicate.
Your records and health information, in one central place so you have the complete picture allowing you to be in greater control over the decision that matter to you.

Managing Your Records

Medelinked puts you in control of your health information and health network that supports you.
There are some parts to the service which enable you to do this and they are focused around managing and sharing records.
Getting Started: Add your key personal details and list any medical conditions, medications, allergies and vaccinations, together with your next of kin details. Your personal health records can be viewed and edited at any time. List your health partners: Add contact details for all the important health professionals you interact with and Medelinked will automatically send out a 'Health Partner Request' to enable you to connect with them. Once connected, you can share specific records with your health providers from test results to scans and x-rays. Activate your Emergency Record: You can choose selected records within your Medelinked profile to create an emergency record (e.g. your allergies, medications etc). This potentially life saving information can then be accessed by emergency first responders when its needed most.

By getting to know the types of information you can store on your account, you can get the most out of your Medelinked account and take control of your health.

Using the Health Wizard

When you first access your new account you can enter your essential health information using the set wizard, including information such as your emergency contacts, doctors details and basic medical information. - Login to your account You will now see a series of service guide screens taking you through how to get the most out of the your account Emergency Record explanation Your basic known medical information, Allergies, Conditions,Medications and Vaccinations or select skip to move on If you have selected a specific record type, click 'Add Record' to create Your personal information, including your date of birth and primary doctors details Finally, your emergency contacts

How do we work with Insurance Partners

You can communicate with your private health care insurer through the Medelinked Health Platform.

The Medelinked Health Platform provides you access to a secure patient support environment, with securely stored personal medical records and the ability to get immediate access to emergency medical assistance, advice and support services.

The Medelinked Health platform also gives you access to cover details; get pre-authorisation for treatment and submit claims - wherever you are in the world.

By downloading the mobile app to your smart phone, you can find more details about health plans and policies and file pre-authorisation requests and claims at the touch of a button.

Take control of your health and access your account.

How to connect your Health Providers

Medelinked enables you to build relationships with your trusted and new health providers including country health systems and private networks.

In order to connect your health provider to your Medelinked account, first click on the "Find A Doctor" button on your homepage.
Next, click on the "Find A Provider" button and enter in your health care provider's details. Once you have added your health care provider to your account, they will then receive a "Health Partner Request", once they have accepted this request you can securely and easily share records and private messages.

Connecting with your providers is a great way to communicate quickly and efficiently with the people that matter to your health.

What is the Medelinked Health Score?

The Medelinked Health Score is an overall score based on your health numbers. It is dynamic and delivered in real time based on individual weight, diet, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep and exercise. It is a score that changes daily depending on the data that is entered or tracked from wearables.

Knowing Your Numbers

Having greater control over your health has never been easier and Medelinked has the latest tools to enable you to have get more involved

The Medelinked Wellness Alerts act as a useful tool to increase awareness of your current health status based on the wellness information and readings that you have provided. Based on your wellness parameters, you can create health alerts with specified thresholds for readings, alerting your registered health providers when values exceed lower or upper limits.

By keeping your health readings up to date, you can specify thresholds for readings, alerting your registered Health providers when values exceed lower or upper limits

Knowing your numbers allows you to take your health into your own hands, allowing you to make adjustments accordingly

The Graphical Analysis feature allows for comparative analysis, so you can see how the improvements you make to your lifestyle are improving your health statistics over time

How do I change my password?

Forgotten your password?

Simply click on the 'Forgot your Password?' button on the log in page

From there you will be asked to enter your username and Medelinked ID, which was emailed to you when you first subscribed to Medelinked. Click on the 'Change Password' button, where a 'Password Retrieval' Email will be sent to your registered email account. Follow the link in the email to change your password
Keep your password safe to enable secure access to your health account

What is Health Snapshot?

Need to visit your doctor or health provider?

Complete a Health Snapshot and send this in advance to your selected health provider so that your doctor has all of your necessary information beforehand in order to make the most of your consultation.

Sharing your Records

Securely share your records

By creating a Sharing Folder, you can share individual or groups of records with selected health providers or individuals

You select what health or wellness records you want to share, and who you want to share them with. This puts you in control of managing your health, your way.

Select a health or wellness record you wish to share.
Create a sharing folder, selecting the amount of time you wish this folder to be viewed by the selected health providers or friends and family. Add the details of the health providers or friends and family you wish to share the record with.

Sharing your records with friends and family enables access to health records when they are needed most.

How to add records

Adding and receiving information to your account is easy and seamless

Simply locate the "Add Record" button in the top right hand corner of your Medelinked homepage. Click on the arrow to select the type of record you wish to create

Add in your details to the record page, with the option of uploading any relevant files you may have and press save
You have successfully added a record to your Medelinked account

Your Emergency Record

Your essential health information can be available in an emergency

By choosing selected records within your Medelinked profile, you can create an emergency record (e.g. your allergies, medications etc) that can be accessed in an emergency situation

By clicking on the "Emergency Access" button on the Medelinked homepage, your essential health information can be accessed by an individual completing the required details on the online access form

This feature enables potentially life saving information to be accessed by emergency responders when its needed most

How do I connect my health devices?

You can connect your Medelinked health account with health & wellness devices to collect data from them into your account
Simply click on the device types listed under 'My Devices' to connect it to your account. Once connected, data will automatically be pulled through into your account when you next log in

By connecting your health & wellness devices to your Medelinked health account, you can easily keep track of your progress and see your improvements in real time

If my membership lapses, will my account information be saved?

Yes, your information will be stored and you can reactivate your account. For your convenience, all data is held after expiry of an account, unless requested otherwise.

How is security maintained on the website to ensure my data is protected?

Medelinked is compliant with the latest security standards for protecting personal health data, such as HIPAA and undergoes regular third party security testing. We have managed Intrusion Detection, Managed Web Application Security and Log Management services running 24/7 across our infrastructure to ensure our system and applications are being sent continuously monitored for any potential threats

What information can I save in my account?

You can save as much information as you wish in your account, with no limit on storage volume or file sizes, including:

- Core health information such as conditions, medications, allergies, vaccinations, blood group

- Wellness information such as weight, waist circumference, exercise, blood sugars, blood pressure, cholesterol

- X-rays, scans and doctor consultations

- Next of kin, GP contact details

- Travel documents: e-tickets, insurance, car park confirmation, itineraries, passport, visa

- Health and travel insurance details and documents

What file sizes can I upload?

There is no limit to the size of the documents that can be uploaded. This is the unique benefit as large scans and images can be saved.

Where is my data saved?

All customer data is encrypted in transmission and storage on our Health Cloud infrastructure, hosted securely and robustly in data centres that are accredited to PCI DSS, ISO27001 and ISAE 3402 Type II standards, ensuring your data is secured by the best processes and technologies

Why Use Medelinked?

Medelinked is a secure mobile and online health platform that empowers you to take control of your health, from building your health profile to discovering, connecting to and sharing your wellness information with your trusted healthcare providers.

Medelinked is unique, it delivers the essential information online, when you need it most at the point of care or incident.

Medelinked enables you to create your own health profile by collating information using easy-to-view and understand snapshots and timelines from all the different health professionals you interact with as well as connected health applications and devices.

Medelinked allows you to set, act on and monitor wellness targets, and record health numbers and record a range of medical details including allergies, conditions, immunisations, medications and tests and store clinical standard DICOM MRI scans, x-rays and insurance and other documentation.

Medelinked allows you to research, locate, engage, introduce and automatically connect you, your family members and carers with healthcare providers, building your personal healthcare network from professionals listed in NHS Choices and other healthcare provider databases. It even helps you check symptoms before seeking consultations.

With your medical records and professional care network in one secure place, Medelinked makes booking appointments, having a conversation and sharing medical information with your healthcare professional network easy and secure. You can use it in face-to-face consultations or receive health advice in real time and chat by secure email, voice, text, video and instant messaging as well as accessing telemedecine and other remote services.