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Get notified if it’s safe for you to go to work

Check in daily to receive your wellCheck Pass

Access your data 24/7 via your healthPassport

wellCheck is a tool designed to easily assess employee health status and notify you in real time of fitness to work.

The solution can be used for any work environment to measure a level of fitness to work, for infection limitation or simply to check in and stay connected as part of a wellbeing, supportive strategy.

Each day team members are reminded by email to log their wellbeing status which then issues the 24 Hour wellCheck and provides you with real time monitoring data (via the Medelinked employers portal).

The results are uploaded onto the employees QR activated Health Passport, providing crucial information which is always available 24/7.

Working and travelling safely

wellCheck supports team members to decide each day if it’s safe to go to work.

Covid-19 wellCheck

If they have COVID-19 concerns, individuals can get a test and use the Medelinked health tools to manage their recovery. We provide all the latest health information from trusted sources including the NHS, online symptom checkers, together with the ability to have an online telemedicine consultation should they need it.

The latest connected innovations to seamlessly manage our health

A single health management platform, powered by personal data, connects all the tools seamlessly, making the solution  increasingly powerful and intuitive and supporting your decisions for greater precision healthcare



The Medelinked MedeBot, virtual health assistant offers the next generation of AI health guidance connected into the Medelinked personal health record service on a single platform; Microsoft Azure


Powered by The Microsoft Healthcare Bot service. It empowers our customers to build and deploy an AI- powered, compliant, conversational healthcare tools at scale.