Medelinked is the personal health and wellness management system connecting personal health data with the latest tools and services on a single platform

We provide a range of  tools to support personnel to assess and report their health and wellness fit to work and travel status  on a daily basis with emergency health record access 24/7 should it be required.

Medelinked is the complete e-health management solution to support individuals, employers and healthcare providers


At the centre is a medical compliant personal health record that powers connected tools, apps, devices and our partners services, giving people a simple health solution in these complex times


The Medelinked Health cloud offers a unique way for individuals to navigate their health and wellness, with practical solutions in key areas including finding appropriate medical care with our doctor search, sharing scans and notes with telemedicine doctors with one click technology through to having A health passport available 24/07 and daily COVID-19 personal assessment


Our innovative wellness solutions connected into the personal HealthCloud provides us all with the responsive tools to support wellness choices for a proactive health journey

Medelinked Features
  • Dedicated employer and health provider portal, connected over one global platform, enables employers to support their staff 

  • The sharing of data from all providers gives unique view that powers lifestyle and wellness tools to influence life choices

  • Managing all health data in one place helps ensures health records are always available across all care settings

  • Medelinked directly links to third parties through their HealthApp Exchange for fast solution deployment 

  • Monitor and support employees back to work and travel with personal symptom assessments and analytics  reporting 

  • Motivate individuals and employees to get more engaged in their health by providing health scoring and reward tools to become responsive and proactive

Complete Health Management 

Health Records - Medications, Allergies

Full Medical Record Storage, from Fibfit Data, GP records through to advanced Genomic  numbers 

Sharing critical information

Share records with Telemedicine doctors with one time link and click to connect 

Safe to Travel 

Latest linked Health News

healthDrive COVID-19 clear to work Assessment with travel declaration support for testing results and insurance cover 

Get the latest health advice and use tools linked to your data from the worlds leading trusted sources including the UK NHS

Connect to great Health Tech

Connect to our partner apps via the Medelinked Health App Exchange to bring all of your device together with your clinical records. Share in real time with your healthcare network

What's your Score

Medelinked HealthScore gives a visual daily snapshot of your health progress. Connect to your FitBit or Apple Watch to see how steps and other numbers influence your score

Find great care

Find a doctor and other services and add them to your network, including, Dentist, Physio, screenings centres

The Global Health Passport

Emergency Health Record Passport, speaks if you cant; 24/7 accessible by a dedicated QR Code 

Founded in 2005, created with  Microsoft technologies, Medelinked has been tested and is trusted by businesses and health organisations around the world.

The service is fast and easy to deploy and is purchased as a single user licence or on a monthly subscription based on the number of employees or patients in the organisation

The Medelinked Heath Cloud provides full bespoke development support to provide one stop integrations with existing partners solutions. 

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