Medelinked brings your care providers +Data together - wherever you are 24/7

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Healthcare management  in one place

Connect, talk, share with your health network around you 

The problem we all face, is that healthcare does not always connect where we need it to, thats where the Medelinked platform can make a difference, we bring doctors, patients and their data together - to support you and your family 

Manage your health, your way 

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-  I can see my  doctor in person, via messaging, video and is more productive when sharing my health data

-  My Doctors in my trusted network can collaborate together to support my  best care

-  I can use convenient ways to interact with my circle of care that suits me and my situation 24/7

-  I can find and book new specialists when I need them and share my health picture so they are informed

-  On my care journey, Medelinked brings all my data back to me, so I always have a single health picture

-  I can connect my health apps and trackers to inspire me to make great lifestyle choices

I’m a Patient

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I’m an Employer

I’m a Health Care Provider