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Your family health account
The trusted, easy way to manage all your critical  health information, 24/7

Medelinked is the secure and convenient way to manage and share your health imaging and medical files with your health support network

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The Medelinked family health account enables you to create your own health profiles by collating information and image files from the different health professionals you interact with as well as connected health applications and devices.

Medelinked allows you to set, act on and monitor wellness targets, and record health numbers and record a range of medical details including allergies, conditions, immunisations, medications and tests and store clinical standard DICOM MRI scans, x-rays and insurance and other documentation.

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The service allows you to research, locate, engage, introduce and automatically connect you, your family members and carers with healthcare providers, building your personal healthcare network from professionals networks around the world.

 It even helps you check symptoms before seeking consultations and share image files and notes before a consultation so you get the best evidence based advice and treatment 




With your medical records and professional care network in one secure place, Medelinked makes booking appointments, having a conversation and sharing medical information with your healthcare professional network easy and secure.

You can use it in face-to-face consultations or receive health advice in real time and chat by secure email, voice, text, video and instant messaging as well as accessing telemedicine and other remote services.

Get the best evidence based healthcare

We make sure your health information is available when you need it, more accurate treatment first time, in an emergency and day to day 


Find great doctors and the latest treatments
Locate health providers and add them to your network. Connect with our health navigation partners to support your decisions on the right doctor and latest treatment options


What’s your Score?
Medelinked HealthScore gives a visual daily snapshot of your health progress. Connect to your Fitbit or Apple Watch to see how steps and other numbers influence your score

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Connect to your Health Tech
Combine your tracker data with your clinical records. Share in real time with your healthcare network

The Global Health Passport
Emergency Health Record Passport, speaks if you can’t; 24/7 accessible by a dedicated QR Code

Health Records - Medications, Allergies
Medical record storage, from GP records and Fitbit steps through to advanced Genomic data


You are in Safe hands


Our Health Passport service enables you to share your vital Health information and care directives with  critical care teams, so you can get the right treatment, more quickly, for wherever life takes you.

Just click the QR code 

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Mobile Health

Store Health Records

View, Create and Amend your Health Records on the move, so you always have access to your medical information.

Create Emergency Records

Select the records most important to you and make them easily accessible in emergency situations.

Connect with Health Providers

 Share records with your Health Providers and collaborate in real time by email or call.

 Camera Integration

Use your handsets camera to capture images and documents to share with your health network.

Apple Health & Fitbit Integration

Synchronise data from your devices by connecting with Apple Health and pushing the data to your Medelinked account.

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Store all your health information
Keep all your medical notes, X-ray and MRI scans, screening results and tracker data in a secure cloud account which you control

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See it, use it anywhere
Access your data 24/7 across all devices when you need it, during routine consultations or critical emergency access with your healthPassport

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Share quickly, safely
Connect to your telemedicine provider, family, carers, healthcare professionals and share your information to get the best real-time, informed care and advice

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